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mid-air with 231 lives in the balance and the only chance for survival had never been tried before. tonight lester holt goes moment by moment inside an unprecedented crisis and a pilot's heroic actions that reminded all of us of something we'd seen before. also tonight. >> come in like a champion. >> before you judge parents who would allow their young daughters to compete against adults in grueling races to the point of tears, perhaps hold off on that judgment until you've seen kate snow's report here tonight. >> some people who watch the races when they see you crying they get worried. >> they think my dad's pushing me and making me to run and i'm, like, no, i'm run. >> are you pushing the girls too hard. >> i'm going to say no. i don't think i'm pushing them too hard. >> also what one expert found out when she set out to figure out what makes couples happy, including the surprising answers from men and tonight natalie morales takes it a step further. >> it's a friday night. people going to bed soon, if
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there are two things that they can do to put a spark back in their marriage, what would you say? plus, what is going on in this television commercial and what is it they're selling, exactly? that and more as "rock center" gets under way. and good evening. we wanted to start off "rock center" in the thick of new york here tonight. as you may have heard there are blizzard warnings posted here in the east and they're already getting all they can handle tonight especially along the massachusetts coast and in the city of boston they may get 30 inches of of snow to go with their high winds before this is all over. in fact, upwards of 50 million americans are being affected by this storm with snowfalls that could make history for this day and in the most densely populated corridor in the country concerning travel, travel has been essentially paralyzed. as we get ready to run inside for the hour, we're going to
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start the broadcast off with an unforgettable story about travelers. this is a story few people have heard. it begins with a passenger jet in grave danger, and the passengers onboard relying on a pilot's skill to save them. all of this unfolds, mind you, over a major metropolitan area with cameras rolling and the passengers onboard desperate to reach loved ones on their cell phones. if you're thinking of denzel washington and the movie "flight," if you're thinking of the heroism of sully sullenberger in real life, keep that in mind as you watch this. tonight lester holt starts us off with a story of profound courage and determination. the images are indelible, even four years later, an airliner with both engines out splashes down in the icy hudson river, and thanks to the heroic airmanship of captain sully sullenberger, everyone gets out alive. but imagine an even bigger
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airliner carrying even more passengers attempting a similar landing on a hard runway? it was an unprecedented incident in the annals of aviation. >> i'm just saying to myself, okay. you know, get ready. get ready. get ready. bracing for impact. >> the story began just ten miles away from that miracle on the hudson at newark airport. it was halloween night 2011, 231 passengers and crew, many of them americans, were about to board lot polish airlines flight 16 bound for warsaw. in the cockpit of the wide bodied boeing 767 captain tad wrona was focused on the safety of the transatlantic flight. the maintenance crew told him the aircraft was good to go. >> it looks good so we are ready to taxi and to take off. >> flight 16 took off from newark airport just after 10:00 p.m. soon after, was there an
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indication of a malfunction with one of the hughed raulic systems, but with two backups there was no cause for concern. the flight over the ocean was smooth as silk, turbulence-free. >> that night it was unusually smooth. >> but just minutes before the scheduled landing, all of that would change. it was then that business class passenger greg cohen noticed flight attendants racing in and out of the cockpit. >> the head flight attendant, you can just see all of the color out of his face. he was pale, white as a ghost. you could cut the tension with a knife. >> then the word came over the p.a. this is actual video taken by a passenger on the flight. >> emergency in warsaw. >> the plane would be making an emergency landing. >> we would like to remind you that you have to have seat belts fastened. >> i actually called over the flight attendant and i asked, what does this mean? the only thing they said to me
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is we think we're going to make it to our destination. >> we think we're going make it to our destination? >> yes. >> crew members were purposely giving no details, despite their professional demeanor, they were frightened themselves. flight attendant mag da gortad had 17 years' experience. >> couldn't breathe, actually. nobody had to tell me that we had a problem, a very serious problem. i knew it. >> even more serious than she knew. this is a twin of the 767 in jeopardy as seen on the ground. you can see the landing gear, the wheels which support all of the weight of the 280,000 pound giant. but on flight 16, the emergency was that all three landing gear, the wheel withes for the boeing 767 would not go down. captain wrona realized he had only about an hour and 20 minutes worth of fuel to figure out what to do. the wide-bodied jet might have
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to crash land on its belly and without gear, there are no brakes. >> it's a very dangerous situation. we could probably have a very serious problem. >> as the plane circled warsaw, residents took pictures from the ground. in these photos you can plainly see the gear were not lowered. landing a plane without its wheels, an airliner belly flop would be a life or death proposition. no 767 had ever done this before. when it attempted to land at the warsaw airport the airliner could bounce and break up or cart wheel and turn into a fireball or it might not stop. as the cockpit crew tried to troubleshoot the problem with about 50 minutes' worth of fuel remaining, in the cabin there was a growing realization something had gone seriously wrong. passenger andres pinot. >> i saw one of the stewards rip
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down the curtains which separate the different compartments, and i said, well, that's serious, then. that's not a game. >> then with about 40 minutes to go -- i looked out the window and i saw f-16s around our plane. >> polish air force f-16s were scrambled to take a look at the plane's underbelly up close to see if they could determine the problem. >> i'm not a very nervous kind of person, but as things started to unfold, i definitely -- even i started to become nervous. >> and you decided to text your wife. >> yes. yes. >> with about 20 minutes to go, greg cohen got a cell phone signal as they circled warsaw. >> what was your thought process when you had the phone. >> god forbid the wrong thing happens here and i didn't reach out to my wife and family and tell them how much i loved them and how much i care about them, it just would be terrible. >> he texted what he feared might be his last message.
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>> we are making an emergency landing. i think we will be okay. i love you and thank god for you and our children. i'm sorry to text you this, but i love you so much. >> and back in new jersey his wife michelle couldn't believe what she was seeing on her phone. >> i broke down when i read it and i immediately started crying and i got a little sick. >> he's sending a message that someone send when they don't think they're going to make it. >> it's stunning to receive this. >> stunning. >> she texted her husband back. i told him just in case, what i wanted to tell him. >> what was that? >> that he's given me the best life and the best children and i love him. >> and amazingly, greg got that reassuring message as he tried to reassure those around him. >> the woman next to me didn't speak english. she was polish and i went to hold her hand to try to comfort her. there were a lot of people who
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were just very quiet and praying. you know, there were people who were crying. >> by about ten minutes before landing, fire trucks moved into place and ambulances arrived at the airport from the center of warsaw, and while the plane was still in flight, live tv coverage across poland showed the path of a holding pattern while the crew tried to fix the problem. in the cockpit, the minutes flew by, but they seemed like an eternity to the passengers. >> it was especially tense because just 18 months earlier poland's president and 95 other prominent citizens had died in the crash of the president's plane on a trip to russia, passenger andres pinot couldn't get the images of the gruesome tv coverage out of his mind. >> you were thinking about that tragedy even as your preparing for your emergency? >> oh, yes. that had a big influence on my imagination.
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i did put my passport behind my shirt on my chest. >> to identify your body. >> yeah. yeah. >> if this ended badly. >> yeah. yeah. i was ready for the worst, hoping for the best. >> and the flight attendants knew that the fuel and time were running out. >> we do it or not? we have to do it. it was the longer five minutes of my life, actually. >> during those last five minutes, captain wrona gave up hope of somehow lowering the gear. he made a final calculation. they would have just one chance to touch the runway. captain wrona would have to somehow land the plane with the engines acting like the runners of a sled on a foamed down runway. if something went wrong, he couldn't attempt to go around again. the engines would be too damaged and he knew all too well of another danger. there was a highway just at the end of the runway.
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>> it was a very dangerous moment for us to stop the plane, not to lose the runway and to allow the plane to slide outside the airfield. >> the last thing i remember is just, you know, for us to brace for landing. brace for impact. >> i was head down. >> your head between your legs. >> what happened next was captured by multiple cameras both inside and outside. images that will go down in aviation history. istory.ou know? a talking car. but i'll tell you what impresses me. . . something important to say? . . .
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welcome back. in the first part of lester holt's report here the landing gear on a 767 wide body flying from newark to warsaw refuses to come down. no one had ever tried an emergency landing with this aircraft in precisely this condition before. some of the passengers realized just how dire the situation is,
10:16 pm
including an american named greg cohen who sends a final good-bye to his wife and children on his cell phone. here now, lester holt, resumes his report. >> in the skies over warsaw, lot polish airlines flight 16 with 231 onboard was just seconds away from attempting an emergency landing like no other. across poland, millions of viewers were watching the drama unfold on live television. and as the plane descended over the city, residents ran out to take photos. captain tad wrona had spent the last hour and 20 minutes trying to lower the wide body 767's landing gear. all of its wheels and braking system, but to no avail and he had no choice, but to belly flop the planes with the engines acting like the runners of a sled on to a concrete runway. as you can see in this actual video shot inside the cabin, in
10:17 pm
the final moments, the passengers were ready for the worst. air traffic controllers wished the captain good luck and in the last few seconds, he turned to his co-pilot just in case. >> i said to my first officer, i am happy that we are together, and i said thank you, and we shake hands. i thank you. >> like the other passengers, greg cohen had his head between his legs. >> what were the final instructions before landing? praying to god that everything was going to be okay and i'm just saying to myself. okay. get ready. get ready. get ready. you know? bracing for impact. >> and then it happened. flight 16 touched down at more than 140 miles an hour.
10:18 pm
this is the moment of contact on the runway shot from inside the cabin. >> and then we touched down and the impact never came. you know, i was waiting for this, like, car crash. to be in an accident. >> no bounce? >> to be honest, it was one of the smoother landings i've ever had. >> to be honest, it was one of the smoother landings i've ever had. had. >> incredibly, it was a smooth >> incredibly, it was a smooth touchdown, a miracle in warsaw.. >> the plane came to a stop, and >> the plane came to a stop, and then everybody roared with roa applause, but it didn't last more than two seconds, you had the fl the flight attendant immediatelg stand up and just yell get off this plane now! plane now!
10:19 pm
>> suddenly there was another s danger, was there smoke and a fire on the right si engine.sid. flight attendant mag dagoretech yelled at the top of her lungs. >> get off!>> get off! get up!get up! get off to the exit because i ge wa was sure that -- that it's goin to explode in a moment.n a mome. this is actual video of the eo evacuation from onboard the boa plane.plane. passen passengers rushed for the ge emergency emergency slides and a few felll as the as they tried to run away, but emergency crews were able to re douse the flames and the fuel leak quickly.leak quickly. the plane didn't explode and xp except for a few scrapes and cr bruises, everyone got off one g unharmed. unharmed. >> it >> it didn't really hit me untii i was off the plane and that's when i really got emotional and that's when it hit me, oh, my
10:20 pm
god, what could have been.d hav. greg called michelle the moment he was clear of the plane.f the. >> i was just so happy he was on the ground, and i heard his i h voice crack which, you know, his voice never cracks.ver cracks. >> i appreciate being with my g kids a little bit more and try to take a little extra time for the important things in life in because it could all be gone in a second. a second. >> and as for the pilot who got the flight down safely, captain wrona became a polish national hero, and in america he was ric honored for saving 231 lives. 2. we caught up with the captain at the museum of flight in seattle. >> we just did our job. did our. i am not hero.ero. >> but americans onboard flight 16 beg to differ, comparing him to the hero of the miracle on ie the hudson.the hudson. >> i immediately thought that h our captain was poland's version .f sully. >> same incredible amount of -- >> yes.>> yes. >> what would you like to say to
10:21 pm
captain wrona?ain wrona? >> i want to say thank you. tha. if it wasn't for him, 230-plus people wouldn't be here right now and i'm forever indebted to him for that. for that. >> incredi >> incredible our thanks to lester holt for e that, and by the way, the he wa investigation into what went w wrong is still going on. going . there's more information about that on our website tonight. e still ahead for us this for evening, new research one woman undertook undertook to save her marriage that could end up changing to everyt everything people know about their own.hir and and next, look at this amazing picture.nect two girls in a mountain race nt ag against grown if you're among those asking if this is really a good idea, you might want to might want to see the whole story first. what's better? faster or slower?
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welcome back. if you want to see a group of patients get really fired up ask any one of us how far is too far when it comes to pushing a child to excel. every preaches balance, but what if the child is really extraordinary at what they do, maybe even world class? where do you draw the line then? kate snow has a unique and rather remarkable family story. >> one minute to start, people! one minute to start! >> the top trail runners in the world have trained for months in preparation for this day. it's the trail run world championship, a grueling 13-mile race through hawaii's rugged terrain, the toughest competitors line up right at the front, but look closely and look down a little, standing in that sea of runners, two young sisters getting ready to run elbow to knee with athletes twice their size.
10:27 pm
>> three, two, one! and they're off! >> kaytlynn welsch is just 12. her kid sister, heather, is 10. it will take an enormous amount of endurance and grit for these weekend warriors to withstand these trails, steep hills, tree roots, rock, but these girls are up to the challenge. heather and kaytlynn are two of the fastest and youngest endurance runners in the country. so fast they usually outrun the grown ups. >> do you like racing against grown ups? >> sometimes, but when they say the bad words -- we'll be, like -- >> when you pass them? >> yes. >> do you get mad when people pass you? >> yeah, but i don't say cuss words. >> this is how most weekends begin at the welsch household in alvin, texas. it's before dawn and rodney rouses his daughters and they're
10:28 pm
off for another race. dad has them stretch and pins a stuffed animal to heather's hat for luck. >> it's actually pretty cool. >> rodney is also their coach. >> five minutes before the start they're still up there fighting with each other or doing something silly and then it's time to start the race and they're all serious. >> you look good. you need to run what you need to run. >> they come to the finish and they turn it off and they're like a kid again. >> do you feel you have to try or does it feel natural? >> it comes natural to me. it's out there and just relaxing and sometimes it's hard. >> you said it before that kaytlynn has the talent and you have to work harder at it. >> yeah. hard work and talent. >> they each finished more than a hundred races in the past two years, often back-to-back on saturday s and sundays. last fall they gained national attention when kaytlynn won the women's division of a major trail race. her best time for a half
10:29 pm
marathon, 6:23 per mile. >> ever since they were little i always thought golly, there is something special about these kids, right? >> we just kind of sit back in awe sometimes and, you know, we're really proud of them for what they accomplish. >> as soon as the girls could walk, they took them hiking and climbing, but their dad was looking for something to do with the girls on weekends while vicky works double shifts as a nurse. he spotted an ad for a kids triathlon. >> kaytlynn was 8 at the time and heather was 6. >> go! kick it in! faster! >> from kids' races to eventually adult races, and last year, kaytlynn's first full marathon at age 11, 26.2 miles. >> good job. >> rodney says he wishes she would push herself harder. >> in my opinion she's not doing anything and i wish she would do more. >> you wish she would do more? >> she may become a really great runner and to do that she'll
10:30 pm
have to take on a lot of effort which she doesn't do it now. >> kaytlynn is used to winning without training much during the week. >> is winning important to you personally? >> it's so much fun to go back to school and tell them look what i won. i won a race and i'll show them a picture and not the trophy and they say that's awesome. i want to go on that race. >> they're most competitive with each other, sisters through and through. >> why do you think heather runs? >> heather is trying to beat her sister. i know that's why she runs. if we were doing something else she'd be trying to beat her sister. she is competitive. >> in hawaii that competitiveness was on display as she pushed herself up the mountain, as upsetting as it may be to see, it's not uncommon for heather to cry when she's racing. >> when you're running sometimes you start to get upset. you start to cry. >> yeah. >> yeah. do you know why? what makes you cry? >> i just cry to get through things, like if my stomach hurts
10:31 pm
or my side hurts or -- >> is it because people are passing you? >> not that much. >> maybe just a little? >> maybe just a little. yeah. >> some people -- some people who watch the races when they see you crying they get worried. >> yeah. they think that my dad's pushing me and making me to run so i'm, like, no, i'm fine. >> is your dad pushing you? >> he pushes me to get better, but he doesn't make me run. >> you run because you want to run? >> yeah. >> but is all this running healthy for young girls? there's no conclusive medical data on what happens to kids who run this much. to be safe, the welsches brought the girls to a series of doctors including dr. dan o'neal an orthopedist in houston who specializes in sports medicine. >> is what they're doing healthy? i can't see any harm. they are physically healthy young ladies. they're in great condition without any stiff joints, sore joints, swelling, any evidence
10:32 pm
of any harm. >> but dr. o'neal does have concerns. he'd like to see the girls train more during the week and he isn't thrilled about them running back-to-back races. >> it's the fear of the unknown. i don't have other patients like them in my practice. the one thing i worry about the most with the distances they're running, will they achieve their full skeletal growth? >> michael bergeron says it might not be worth the risk. >> just because they haven't been hurt yet doesn't mean they're not going to be hurt. >> though he's never met the welsches, he believes they're part of a disturbing trend. parents who push their kids to do too much too soon. >> being regularly active is terrific in so many ways, but i think there are red flags. >> i think for a parent and in this case, the dad, to be consistently harping on them that they should be better, that they should be faster is really
10:33 pm
counter to developing a more healthy love for the sport and a more healthy long-term process. >> what's the risk of burnout? >> we don't see the casualties. we only see the successes. we see tiger woods starting golfing at 5 years old. we don't see the kids that went home hurt. we don't see the kids that don't compete anymore. >> look what you did. you got caught with the group. go around them. >> like a lot of parents, he's just encouraging his kids to do their best? >> are you pushing the girls too hard. >> i'm going to say no. i don't think i'm pushing them too hard. >> one runner call youed the running little league version of the dad and she didn't mean it as a compliment. >> i would like to take it as a compliment because some of these dads want the best for their kids. >> you sound like you're being tough on them with the words. >> same thing with homework. do your best, you know? >> both girls are a students. kate lirn is in seventh grade, heather in fifth. when they're at home you'll find
10:34 pm
them cycling around the neighborhood or in the backyard with the zip line their dad built. >> this is like kid paradise. >> this is the inside. >> let me see. oh, neat! are you good friends? >> yes. >> friends. >> friends. >> not bffs, but for sister kind of 14s. >> and like true sisters they tease each other about everything including boys. >> she likes a boy. i can say the name. >> no. >> yes, it is! >> world championship, come on. come in like a champion. i'm proud of you. go get them, girl. >> back in hawaii, the scenery is breathtaking, full of peaks and rallies. the race was tougher than either of them had imagined, but they both kept going for all 13 miles and made it to the finish although they gave it their all, both girls were disappointed with their times.
10:35 pm
>> it was not our best times. 2:02 and 2:16 is actually pretty bad. >> i wanted to beat my time, but even though with all of the hills and i'm still proud of myself that i got through it. >> i'm not proud of it, but not all races are going to be perfect for you. >> their mom is constantly trying to put it all in perspective. >> i make sure every day that they understand that if they have to stop running tomorrow or if they have to stop running 20 years from now that life's going to be okay. there's going to be other doors that will open for them. yeah. i'm going to cry. >> you're going to cry? >> why? >> it's really important for me to let them know that -- that one thing can't just be your whole world. >> but for now, one thing does seem to dominate their dreams. >> being in an olympic team would be a big accomplishment for me and i would just love that. >> one day i think i'll go to the olympics. >> what if your sister went to
10:36 pm
the olympics too? >> i would try to beat her. up next, it's a popular book that contains eye-opening research on relationships and what works and we'll have it for you when we come back. me back. your bags didn't make it. we'll send them to your hotel. [ sad music playing ] [ knock on door ]
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to protect the integrity of the environment. forty years on, it's still a class-a nature reserve. it's our job to look after them.'s my job to look after it. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ welcome back. thus far tonight we have explored a baffling malfunction in mid air at 30,000 feet and elusive balance of encouraging sometimes the biggest mystery, however, can be the person watching television next to you at 10:00 on a friday night. one woman decided to find out what really makes for a happy marriage because her own was failing. her story and what she found out from natalie morales. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> so what do you think? should we have sex tonight? >> sounds awful.
10:41 pm
i'm just really constipated. do you really want to? >> not now. >> if you can relate to this scene from the hit comedy "knocked up," you're not alone. what couple hasn't hit a bump in the road and wondered is this normal? do happy couples go through this? now we may have some answers thanks to a new book called "the normal bar" authored by chrisana northrop. >> this is everything that i would want to know and i guarantee you the rest of the world wants to know this. >> a lot of men want to know this stuff, too. >> absolutely. >> she teamed up with two experts, sociologist pepper schwartz and max witt and launched a massive survey gathering responses from almost 100,000 people around the world. they asked everything from how much people trust their partners to what makes them happiest to their sexual habits. so what does a modern couple look like? the answers are revealing.
10:42 pm
have you ever lied to your partner? 75% of men and 71% of women said they have. have you ever had an affair? 33% of men and 19% of women admitted to being unfaithful. have you read your partner's email? 54% of women and 49% of men say they have. who craves romance more? men more than women. you heard that right. 44% of men and 29% of women say it bothers them that their partner is not more romantic. >> they're not getting romanced enough, right? >> they want a little bit more love and affection and they're not asking for much. a very common answer was, instead of my partner looking at facebook or the internet right before we have sex to put that time into me. >> and that perception out there that men don't like to talk or don't want to talk or don't want
10:43 pm
to be affectionate or cuddle. >> that's not true, right? >> no. they want to be loved just as much as a woman does. ♪ ♪ >> and it turns out, you can talk your way to a happier relationship. the happiest couples ranked communication as the most fulfilling thing about their relationships followed by friendship, affection and sex. parenting ranked dead last. in fact, chris anna says communication was at the root of problems at her own marriage. >> i would rush home every night and make him dinner. he said i don't care dinner. i don't care if you ever make me dinner ever again and when i walk through the door is give me a big hug and a kiss and tell me you love me. and from that moment i don't worry about dinner and i'm there to tell him i love him and we'll figure out dinner. >> the survey goes under the covers and reveals what's happening in our bedrooms. how often are couples having sex?
10:44 pm
three to four times a week say 40%. twice a month say 27%. how many couples have sex every day? just 7.5%. what do the happiest couples wear to bed? nothing. 34% of women and 38% of men sleep in the buff which increases their odds of a happy sex life. how do you increase your sexual satisfaction? kissing passionately said 70% of the couples. >> it's a friday night. people going to bed soon. there are two things that they can do to put a spark back in their marriage, what would you say? >> sleep nude. if you're sleeping nude it makes it easier. >> to have sex more often. >> and touch each other, back rubs and massages, just that level of intimacy it feels really nice. >> chris anna says sharing your
10:45 pm
most intimate thoughts, even sexual fantasies will only help your relationship. that's what she and her husband mark found. >> is there a reason to be afraid to ask? >> what we've learned from our own relationship when you brush that stuff under the rug and you don't talk about it it's not good for the relationship. >> they should know. three years ago after 15 years of marriage things were falling apart. they tried couple's therapy. it didn't work and chris ana moved out. that's when the idea for the book was born. >> that was the quest i was on. do these happy couples even really exist and they do. they exist. >> as chris ana compiled the data for the book, she and mark began talking again. >> this book, i think, gives you a little bit of a reference point and that was good for us and when the reference point becomes this is what happy people are doing, that's a non-threatening way to approach your partner. it's just saying, hey, look, what happy people do, let's try doing what happy people do?
10:46 pm
>> did this book save your marriage? >> the concepts in the book are what saved our marriage for sure. >> absolutely. so the book and the whole process of the book was pretty therapeutic for us and pretty fun for us. i would come home and we'd have something to talk about. what did you find out today? >> now chris ana hopes other couples will find ways to a happier relationship. >> how could i be in a relationship for this many years and not really know my husband and really what he wants and i really felt like we were falling in love all over again. >> with our thanks to natalie morales for her reporting and if you'd like to try one of the survey questions that nearly 100,000 people answered. here's one of them. was it love at first sight when you first saw your partner? if you're on twitter, tell us what you think. we'll tell you the surprising answer from both the perspective of men and women right after the break. also, some of the news that deserves more attention including some of the news about us. that is next. s
10:47 pm
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suddenly, faraway places don't seem so...far away. ♪ tonight.
10:51 pm
48% of men said they suffered from love at first sight. all they had to do was convince the women in their lives. only 28% of whom reported feeling the same thing. and now somehow we wrap up everything else on our radar this week and to do that we begin with what was a big story in the news this past week just two nights ago. it still is, in fact, because it might change an american tradition that's been around a long time. perhaps you heard all of the hubbub wednesday about the postal service plans to stop mail delivery on saturday except for those who have gone all e-everything, millions of people are going to miss that sixth day of mail delivery. it's been around since the time of lincoln, but wait a minute. we all said at once, haven't we at nbc news heard this somewhere before? behold the "today" show from an april morning in 1957. >> the post office does not get its $47 million it will end saturday deliveries. >> right there, end saturday
10:52 pm
deliveries which it did, by the way, for one week until congress came around with $41 million which would today pay for less than a day of postal service operation. did somebody mention the puppy bowl, our furry friends in this year's festival of puppy fights, dog toys and nonstop drinking were viewed this year by a record 12.4 million people over the 12-hour loop of non-stop dog programming. not all of the dogs watching appreciated the halftime show of seductive kittens. and by the way, when the lights went out in new orleans the viewership climbed by 54%. people were that hungry for any kind of gridiron action. in other puppy news this week, this photo surfaced of a service dog in training meeting a firefighter for the first time. they'll be working together and the dogs are trained not to be scared by firefighters who may be wearing scary-looking face masks. we spotted this commercial
10:53 pm
airing this week in the run-up to valentines day and you've got to ask yourself just what is it the folks at vermont teddy bear are selling here? what does he provide other than companionship and why is he always smiling? it's a real commercial. it's a legit bear and the lucky bear recipients seem awfully happy to have him around the house. ♪ i feel it in my fingers i feel it in my toes ♪ >> the great tune "love is all around" immortalized in the great film "love actually" was written by the great reg presley, lead singer of the troggs who left some iconic music. they were influential far beyond their own records and ahead of their time in terms of garage rock and punk. reg presley died this week in his home in england. he was 71. an ominous sign for the winter olympics in sochi, russia, which will be under way
10:54 pm
in just under a year. yes, they are close to chechnya. yes there are concerns over having enough snow, but the russians are having a bit of a hard time get into the spirit of the games. things like volunteering. the russian word for volunteer is tainted, it brings up bad memories of black and white films and grim music and communist-era mandatory labor. so they're learning to be volunteers and the locals are being instructed, it just means help out the tourists with directions. and if you're with us watching this here tonight as we near the end of our first hour in our new time slot, thank you. we work hard on this broadcast and we appreciate you being with us, and by the way, congratulations are in order, as well. we have traveled a long journey to get here, going clear back to our earliest days. ♪ >> we set out from the east, mondays at 10:00 p.m.
10:55 pm
we were all tender foots, not used to the terrain. the enemy appeared right alongside us that first night when we set up camp. they went by the names "castle" and "hawaii 5-0." we gathered up and moved on to wednesdays at 10:00 p.m. where we were not wanted. wednesdays at 9:00 would be more hospitable territory said the wise men in the city of angels, but they was wrong. a strange family showed up on the horizon and many idols who had been told by their parents they were worthy of worship. we packed up our belongings and moved further down the trail another night and we made it our home for a good long time. tonight i write this from our latest resting place where we wish to be, where we welcome visitors and mean harm to no one and while the hour grows late and thoughts turn to the weekend, we are at peace knowing rest lies ahead. and while people still confuse our name with our friend tina's show after seven spectacular seasons, "30 rock" has now gone
10:56 pm
off the air, mostly because we at rock center had grown tired of the confusion. >> screw it, williams! >> with, of course, thanks and apologies to our friends at "30 rock" and just to emphasize the point one more time, you have reached our new home, 10:00, 9:00 central right here on friday nights. and as you can see, we have slipped back outside to close this broadcast tonight. there has also been, though, a storm-related story unfolding right here. we're on a block of 49th street in midtown manhattan, right here adjacent to our headquarters at rockefeller center. the host of snl this weekend is justin bieber. of course, this being 49th, this is where the fans sometimes start lining up to camp out on thursdays hoping for stand-by tickets on the night of the show, but with the blizzard arriving in new york and
10:57 pm
elsewhere on the east coast, and really fearing for their safety, the folks at snl decided to go out and hand out those standby tickets early, frankly, so the folks would go home and get ready for the show on saturday night. they also tried to take care of their fans and they handed out warm soup, among other things. on a more serious note, we wanted to let you know about something special we are doing, a special project on nbc news. we are calling it "flashpoint. guns in america." for a week we'll examine all sides in our national conversation about guns from gun owners to deaths. that will begin on all nbc news platforms, broadcast, cable, the websites. that's on monday. for now, for us, that's it for tonight's broadcast. thanks for being here with us as we settle in to our new friday night home, though it won't always be this eventful or we hope, this snowy. for now, good night from new
10:58 pm
york. have a good and safe weekend. you can't move the tv there. yuh-huh. we have a wireless receiver. listen. back in my day, there was no u-verse wireless receiver that let you move the tv away from the tv outlet. we can move it to the kitchen, the patio, the closet and almost anywhere. why would you want a tv in the closet? [ both laugh ] ♪ [ fancy voice ] brilliant idea, darling. ♪ [ female announcer ] the wireless receiver. get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible. single white male looking for a single woman to support with financial arrangements. >> it's a catchy ad.
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but there is only one big catch. free rent for sex, and it's all above the law. sweet, sweet child. >> nothing is going to help us right now. time, healing. >> right now heartache is strong. the family of a bay area teen killed breaks their silence after an arrest, and a person is now behind bars. plus -- >> and they all come running toward me again. and i hit the first guy. and then the second guy, he pulled a gun out and swung it at me. >> a good neighbor turns crime fighter using the one thing he knows best to outsmart the thieves. good evening and thanks for joining us on this friday. i'm raj mathai. >> and i'm jessica aguirre. bomb plot bust. we begin with a homegrown terror plot that has left the bay area stunned. the fbi says a san jose man planned to blow up a b of a branch in oakland with the help of the taliban. 28-year-old matthew

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